Where there's smoke, there's fire

While millions of Americans are affected by the economic downturn and some are protesting the controversial role that some elements in the financial industry may have played in the economic recession, there are people around who have practical and solid ideas for getting the economy on the road to recovery. One of these people is Thomas Belesis. Belesis has risen to prominence in the recent year as he has guided a boutique brokerage firm that he founded with three employees to become one of the leading names in financial services and brokerage industry in New York’s financial district. As a successful American entrepreneur, Belesis has stressed on having a strong belief in the American economic system, while showing that the American Dream is not just a dream after all.

Thomas Belesis has been an outspoken defender of Wall Street and banks for their potential role in turning a sluggish economy to a booming one, creating growth opportunities for small businesses and creating thousands of jobs for the American people. He has criticized the circles that have been blaming Wall Street for the economic recession, while also admitting that mistakes have been made in the past from the sector which should be learned from. Thomas Belesis maintains that a solution-based approach should be adopted for addressing the economic revival and criticizing the entire industry can prove to be counter-productive.

Thomas Belesis has had a successful career in the finance industry, allowing him to lead by example. Since his humble beginnings, when he launched John Thomas Financial not very long ago, he has increased its operations manifold. While he saw great personal growth in this time, he was responsible enough to return to the society the due share. He emerged on the public scene through his interest in politics and charity groups. He is a well known figure in the New York Republican Party and was awarded the title of GOP Bronx Man of the Year for 2011, which was presented to him by Mayor Giuliani himself. In 2010, the Greek American magazine declared him one of the 25 Most Intriguing Persons and in 2011 he clinched the Businessman of the Year Award from the New York Republican County Committee.

Thomas Belesis is a member of the Executive Board of the World Energy Forum and also holds a seat in the Board of Trustees of the New York Institute of Energy and Water. Thomas Belesis supports a number of charities and local communities including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Gabrielle Angel’s Foundation for Cancer Research and the Greek American Foundation to name a few. He has also been featured in the 2010 Oliver Stone movie about Wall Street called Money Never Sleeps. A regular commentator on the economy and financial market affairs on FOX and CNBC networks, Thomas Belesis has become pretty much a figure representing the Wall Street viewpoint to the public.



John Thomas

Over recent years employers and sleeping rooms of commerce have been louder and louder in their calls for a reduction of red strip for little enterprises and for the problem of employment law on little businesses which are compelled to spend huge additions of cash on compliance. Over the past fifteen years, more laws pertaining to paid work have been passed and employment law solicitors of course the equality which has been conveyed about has been welcomed by paid work regulation solicitors and workers alike.

although, the number of assertions being commenced at the paid work Tribunal in the past two years has increased so spectacularly that there are anxieties from employers, the government and paid work law solicitors that the system is evolving saturated and is thus failing those people who actually need its help.

some suggestions have come from all parties to reduce the number of assertions that are being made on the off chance of achievement or as knee jerk reactions from disgruntled employees. One proposal has been changing the directions so that workers have to have worked with a business for two years in alignment to assertion for unjust dismissal. This is two times the current requirement and many paid work lawyers are worried that it could leave persons unnecessarily susceptible.